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1513 Training Solutions provides AHA certification for healthcare providers, emergency medical and rescue personnel. In addition to certification; through over a decade of experience in teaching, training, curriculum development and testing we have developed certification, college course level and fire and rescue preparation courses. The goal of our preparation courses are to make you successful no matter where you are in your career or level of education.

American Heart Association Courses:

Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers:
    Full Course w/ Certification (4 Hours)
    Re-Affirmation only w/ Certificaiton (2 Hours)
AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support:
    Full Course w/ Certification (8 Hours)
    Re-Affirmation only w/ Certification (4 Hours)
    Challenge w/ Certification (2 Hours)
    Preparation + Challenge w/ Certification (3 Hours)
AHA Pediatric Advanced Life Support Preparation (2-4 Hours)

Combine BLS & ACLS for discounted pricing!

Tutoring and Preparation Courses:

Emergency Medical Technician
Paramedic Certification
Anatomy and Physiology
Cardiology, EKG & 12 Lead Interpretation
Neonatal Resuscitation Program
Trauma Nursing Core Course
Fire & Rescue Tutoring Services designed to meet IFSAC and NBFSPQ requirements for certification:
    Firefighter I & II
    Fire Officer
    Leadership and Management
    Fire Instructor
    Hazardous Materials Certifications
    Rope Rescue Technician
    Structural Collapse Rescue Technician

The Mission

1513 Training Solutions exists to provide professional certification, training, and tutoring services to individuals and businesses in a variety of settings and disciplines. We strive to provide training at an affordable cost while providing the highest level of quality to our customers in the Kansas City market and beyond.