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1513 Training Solutions provides enhanced training for law enforcement, military, civilian shooters and hunters. These courses are designed to give individuals who may be in the position to care for someone who has been critically injured the skills and confidence to do so. Our trauma response courses are not designed to take the place of basic first aid but to supplement it and demonstrate the skills used by military and civilian medics to care for the severely injured. 

Courses Offered:

Saving Our Own: Self Aid / Buddy Care for LEOs (4 hours)

For LEOs and Tactical Teams. Skills to provide care for yourself, fellow officers, civilians or suspects after injuries occur.

Trauma Response Course for LEOs (8 Hours, 16 Hours with optional simulation and live fire)
The Trauma Response Course + Active Shooter Methodology, response to and treatment during incidents and mass casualty events. Optional simulation and live fire training available to bridge the gap between classroom and the streets.

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The Mission

1513 Training Solutions exists to provide professional certification, training, and tutoring services to individuals and businesses in a variety of settings and disciplines. We strive to provide training at an affordable cost while providing the highest level of quality to our customers in the Kansas City market and beyond.