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Nicholas “Nick” Carvan is a field experienced firefighter, paramedic and instructor. He has taught tactical medicine and combat casualty care at the state and national level for the USAF Auxiliary, paramedic students, civilians, and local law enforcement in multiple disciplines and settings. Over the course of 10 years he has developed a curriculum that is relative and applicable. Nick’s vision was to provide professional certification and training and add real world experience and content to those courses with the goal of preparing individuals to do what the professionals do when they are faced with the decision to save their own life or the life of another.

“My goal is to provide professional training that is applicable to the real world. All training and instruction is done with the intent that one day the student may actually have to use it to save a friend, family member, co-worker or stranger from death or serious injury. Most training focuses on those who are already called to serve others; law enforcement, military and the fire service. The world is changing, unfortunately not for the better. The chances of you being in the unfortunate situation where you are the only one trained to help is a real possibility. I want you to be prepared to do what the professionals do when the chips are down. All instructors that work for and with 1513 Training Solutions have proven themselves through deed and action to be competent, experienced professionals with a love for learning, leading and teaching. It is my passion to pass on knowledge that may one day save someone’s life. That is why I am here and why I do what I do; so that others may live.” -Nick

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The Mission

1513 Training Solutions exists to provide professional certification, training, and tutoring services to individuals and businesses in a variety of settings and disciplines. We strive to provide training at an affordable cost while providing the highest level of quality to our customers in the Kansas City market and beyond.